MISS KIM is a true story about a Korean-American girl who survives a series of tragedies ranging from sexual abuse, an attempted suicide, a woefully traumatic dating life and a puzzling health scare. She reconciles these wrongs with a unique blend of humor. Gina Kim re-enacts scenes of her life supported by 5 multi-talented actors including Broadway's Kathy Deitch.

The one thing everyone will remember after seeing MISS KIM is the fact that as unbelievable and outrageous as the story seems it actually happened. And, that even the darkest moments have an element of hope and humor.

Written by:
Gina Kim & Ryan Tofil

Directed by:
Matthew Corozine

Produced by:
Gina Kim & Elvin Roytman

NY Theater

"The cast consists of six energetic, versatile, and highly talented performers, who all handle the shifts from comedy to tragedy with deft aplomb. There is not a weak link in the bunch."

Theater is Easy

"Miss Kim would be an ambitious and moving piece with or without Gina Kim's amazing performance, but the play is made even more powerful when you pause and realize that the story you are seeing is autobiographical...in a word, Miss Kim is amazing "

Talkin' Broadway

"Miss Kim is a firmly amusing and insightful look at all the ways we can go wrong before we can go right"

Community Beneficiaries

As part of an ongoing commitment to support organizations that make a difference for victims of abuse, we have chosen the Korean American Family Service Center (non-profit serving to prevent and end domestic violence and relationship abuse) and Restore NYC (non-profit empowering survivors of sex trafficking) to be community beneficiaries of the 2012 MISS KIM production.